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Yagyu Clan Conspiracy – 柳生一族の陰謀 – 1978


Yagyu Conspiracy TV Series
Starring : Sonny Chiba

It takes place at the time of the Shogunate rule with Shogun Hidetada and who will succeed Hidetada. A struggle for power between the family and the daimyos. Historically the Yagyu’s have always been close to the Shogunate, and helped the bakufu (shogunate cabinet) to stabilize it’s power.

The Yagyu family supports prince Iemitsu and his rise into power, Yagyu Tajima teaches the young lord the art of the sword and the art of war At the same time. Teaching him like it was his own son. Jubei on the other hand who is played masterfully by Shinichi Chiba (also known as, Sonny Chiba) is a childhood friend of Iemitsu And doesn’t want to get involved in this conflict. As the conflict comes to a boil, the Shogun Hidetada is poisoned and steps are taken to make sure no one finds out. The younger brother of Iemitsu and his mother are determined to make her favorite son the heir.

Daiymos (feudal lords) are spit up like knights on a chessboard and trying to figure Out which lord they will support. This is only the beginning of the story. Lord Yagyu Tajima is like a man possessed when it comes to making Iemitsu the heir, which is done by assassinations, plots and this is where Jubei comes in.

In this TV show you will see the formation of the Ura Yagyu (spy Yaygu) which was created by Jubei and his father. URA Yagyu gather information and do assassinations for the Lord Iemitsu.

The Yagyu Conspiracy show how Jubei lost his eye, it will include a lot of historical Characters and historical battles. You will not be disappointed to see Chiba in action. The swordsmanship of Chiba is excellent.

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