This series chronicles the story of Ogami Ittō, the Shogun’s executioner who uses a Dōtanuki battle sword.

Ogami Itto is a master swordsman who holds a position of high power in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Highly trusted by the Shogun, he serves as the official decapitator, assisting lords and samurai who have been ordered by the Shogun to commit seppuku.

One day, Itto’s wife and members of his household are brutally murdered by a clan seeking to avenge their lord’s execution, which had been carried out by Itto. In the wake of the attack, two items are left in Itto’s home: his unhurt infant son, Daigoro, and a symbol meant to signify Itto’s betrayal of the Shogun.

Disgraced by the false symbol, Itto is labeled a traitor and forced to forfeit his position. He becomes a ronin, wandering the country with his son, searching for the men who killed his wife, seeking to clear his name and avenge her death.


Kinnosuke Yorozuya as Ogami Itto

Kazutaka Nishikawa as Daigoro

Kou Nishimura as Retsudo Yagyu

 Japanese Title: Kozure Okami

Theme Song: Tetego-bashi by Barb Satake

List of Lone Wolf and Cub episodes

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This is an episode list for the Japanese jidaigeki television series Lone Wolf and Cub.



  • 1 Series 1973–1976
    • 1.1 Season 1
    • 1.2 Season 2
    • 1.3 Season 3
  • 2 Series 2002–2004
  • 3 References
  • 4External links

Series 1973–1976

Season 1

Season one ran for nine months in 1973.[1]

  1. My Son and My Sword for Hire
  2. Oyuki of the Gomune (Note: This episode has subsequently been removed from all TV broadcasts and DVD releases)
  3. Fangs of the Wolf
  4. Ikkoku-Bashi Bridge
  5. Highway of Assassins
  6. The Lowly Maid
  7. Amya and Anema
  8. The Guns of Sakai
  9. The Castle Wall Attack
  10. Six Roads to Infinity
  11. Baby Cart on the River Styx
  12. Deer Hunters
  13. O-Chiyo’s Boat
  14. No Betrayal
  15. North to South, East to West
  16. Night of Fangs
  17. Cloud Tiger, Wind Dragon
  18. Executioner Asaemon
  19. Half Mat, One Mat, Two And A Half Go Of Rice
  20. The 8 Gate Attack Formation
  21. Chrysanthemum Inn
  22. The Crossing Guard
  23. The Tragedy Of Beku No Ji
  24. Thread of Tears
  25. The Yagyu Letter
  26. Daigoro’s Song
  27. Drifting Shadows

Season 2

Season two ran from May 1974 to September 1974.[2]

  1. Blackfaces of Death
  2. Dark Southern Winds
  3. Yagyu Five-Prong Attack
  4. The Late Autumn Rain
  5. Mid Winter Arrival
  6. The Decoy
  7. The Wolf Cometh
  8. Japanese Silver Leaf
  9. Women’s Castle
  10. Exorcism Day
  11. Whistle of the Winter Wind
  12. The Bell Ringer
  13. The Red Cat Beckons
  14. Footman’s Demise
  15. Destroy Hot Stones
  16. Seven-Ri Runner
  17. Memasho The Cop
  18. Floating Lanterns
  19. Beginning of Winter
  20. The Female Inspector
  21. Resolute Women
  22. Suio Style Zanbato Blade
  23. The Living Dead
  24. An Ill Star
  25. Thirteen Strings
  26. Sayaka

Season 3

Season three ran from May 1976 to September 1976.[3]

  1. Seeking Immortality
  2. Wet Nurse’s Parasol
  3. No Tomorrow
  4. The Silk Cloud
  5. A Mother’s Taste
  6. Your Life is Mine
  7. Five Sisters of Death
  8. Season of Death
  9. Unfortunate Pair
  10. Ominous Path
  11. The Flower of Happiness
  12. The Hand Cannon
  13. The Moon of Desire
  14. Omens Good and Bad
  15. Abe the Monster
  16. Wildfire
  17. The Scent
  18. The Roaring Thunder
  19. Light on the River of Blood
  20. The Showdown
  21. Impending Death
  22. Fathers and Sons
  23. Attack in the Shadows
  24. The Guardian
  25. Waves and Flutes
  26. Swordsmanship
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