The world is the era of Shogun Yashiro and Tokugawa Yoshimune. Ginjitsu Banhami’s Yokado Tsuchiya Hisayuki Tsuchiya had a great deal of trust because he met Yosuni while traveling throughout the country called warrior training with wandering habit and saving his crisis. Yoshinobu Osamu is revealed that Yoshimune was assassinated the lord of the Kameda domain and Iwaki Yasutaka. Although Iwaki was a fencing star, he was said to have been slain by a single sword.
Masuzu Osamu, who had doubts about the death of Iwaki, thought to be the work of a sword fighter, Omine No Yoshi, a sword that combined swords fifteen years ago, but Shiki was supposed to have been sinned five years ago …. The devil was walking across the country for “slaughter contract” for her living. Yumosuke Main Shimizu decides to bid for the devil and goes on a trip again.
【The guests】
○ Tokugawa Yoshimune … Masatoshi Nakamura ○ Person Wolf Sonosuke … Kazuhiko Nishimura ○ Chihaya … Hiromi Kitagawa

Humanoid Wolf Susumu (Nishimura Kazuhiko)

It was the best sword user in the clan, and the original was concentric about Matsuba Aoni. In the night when his brother Kurata Takayonemon was killed by assassin by his strength, he changed his name to a human lady. After that, at Kawahara, she tied up his wife · Chihaya, caught the neck on a full moon night, if you want to help seriously meet, challenge the fight against the fencer. It is a mystery why such a violent thing happens, but in the depths of the twin spirits of Wolnosuke who glitter like a wild beast, it was lonely and deep sorrowful.

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